Review Policy

General Information

I review christian non-fiction books including hard copies, ebooks and audiobooks. I also review christian-based podcasts or podcasts hosted by self-identified Christians.


I will write a review for almost every book I read. Exceptions may be made for books that I personally deem to not hold christian ideals. I write all reviews in light of the gospel. If the book does not adhere to the teachings of the bible and makes claims that would contradict it, I will ensure that is reflected in my review.

All my reviews will be honest, but may not all be positive. My opinions are my own, and I want to point people to my favourite resources. But I understand that someone’s opinion may be drastically different from my own.

Each review will include: cover art, the author’s name and general bio, publication date, a star rating and my review.

Accepting Review Suggestions

If you have a book you would like me to review I will need at least 3-4 months lead time before the review can be ready to be published.